Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where to place AdSense ads on your blog

On the internet you can find a lot of information about where the best places are to put your AdSense Ads and much of this information is based on how the person have had success by placing the Ads on their blog.

This is also good information but you have to be aware that if they have success at placing ads there it not certainly that you will have success by placing ads the same place. That can be you have to find a better color theme or the ads is not matching you contend or the place is not a ideal place in you blog design.

When this is told I will also say you can always try to use the same places as other have had success with and you can always change the place if you don't get clicks on your ads.

The people at AdSense have at their blog written about good places to place you ads and I believe they have found some good places to place your ads, so you can always try to place them there and if it's not working try other places or trying to change the color theme.

Below you can see where they say the best places are to place AdSense ads on you can read all about it here: Blogtimize.I have myself have success by placing a 160 x 600 AdSense unit in the right column and also placing a Search unit there.
I have also had some good click on a link unit just below the top logo on some of my blogs but it is hard to say just one place is the best place.

So my best advise is to try some places an be willing to change again if it to working where you have tried them.

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