Friday, March 2, 2007

How to place AdSense in New Blogger

Now that you have created you blog and started to writing on it is time to add AdSense to the blog so you can earn some money.

First you log into your blogger account and go to the layout page of the blog you what to place AdSense on.

There are 2 ways to place AdSense on you blog the easy method or the manual method witch take a bit more time but by use this way you can add channels to you AdSense so it is easier to track how good this AdSense code is.

Method 1 - easy method:
Click on "Add a Page Element" where you want to place the AdSense ads. Now you have to click on "AdSense" see picture below number 1 and then you have to style you AdSense ads to look how you would like it to look and then click "Save".

Blogger add Adsense
Method 2 - manul method:
First login to your AdSense account and create your AdSense code. When you have created your desired code then log into your blogger account and go to the layout page and click on "Add a Page Element". Now you have to choose "HTML/JavaScript" in the new window you paste your AdSense code and click save and then the AdSense ads are placed on your blog.

After this you can move the ads where you would like it to be placed and when this is done you have placed AdSense ads on your blog.

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