Thursday, March 8, 2007

Optimizing what the reader sees

Optimizing the text in your posts so it targets a maximum of 3 search phrases is a really good thing to do because by optimizing for maximum of 3 search phrases you are likely to get a higher search engine ranking and thereby a better chance to get readers to your blog.

How do you optimise the text

Headlines are importent

By using the H1 ... H6 html tags for important headlines before paragraphs you are automatic optimizing you blog, because these tags have a special relevancy weight in SEO. You can look at it as if a hole paragraphs have a headline then this part must be important, nothing strange about that.

If you use your keywords in the headlines it is a good thing to do, but you don’t have to go extreme and for the most important keyword use a H1 and a H2 for secondary keywords and so on. It's just a good thing to have a keyword or two in the headlines. For the H4, H5 and H6 don't spend time to considering how to use them because they have so little influence it's not worth considering.

Main keyword phrases to be in the first line

Another good idea is to get your main keyword phrases in the first line of your post or as high up in the post you can get them. The logic here is that words in the top of the post must be more important then words longer down in the post.

So try to get your main keyword or keyword phrases in the first or second line of your post or as high as you can get it. I know that it's not always as easy as it sound, but try.

Consider the frequency of your keyword

By considering the frequency of your keyword in your post, you can also optimize by doing that. When there is a good frequency for your keywords 4 - 8 % of the total words in your post, the search engines also gives you a better ranking by doing this, but remember as always don't overdo it. Remember that your text in html anchors also counts when you are looking at the frequency.

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