Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Earn money by selling your pictures

If you have a digital camera you can earn mony by selling your pictures on stockphoto sites. There are alot of them out there but I have tried some of them and I have sold a lot of pictures and earned some money.

To start selling your pictures you have to create an account on the stock photo site you would like to sell your pictures at or you can try to sell them on more stock photo sites. I have my pictures for sale on more stock photo sites and I can recommend this method because you will have your pictures showed to more potential buyers.

You can sell a lot of different pictures for example if you have been on a vacation you can try to sell your pictures from your trip or you can try to sell pictures of different objects/items you have at home (pictures of special or homemade items have a tendency to sell really good). But these are just examples of pictures that can be sold.

To sell your pictures you have to give you pictures a title and add some keywords. This is very important that you use some time to get the title and keyword right because buyers find the pictures by them. If you have trouble finding title and keywords try to look at similar pictures and get inspired by there title and keywords.

I have seen proves of photographers earning over 2000 $ a month just by selling pictures. They have also over 500 pictures for sale. Start making money today by selling photos and you can get a good extra income from selling photos.

Places I can recommend are:

I you start selling your pictures online at stock photo sites you will also become a better photographer because you can't expect that all of your pictures get accepted the first time. You may have to submit them again with better lightning or have used a noise reduction program to remove noise from the picture.

Have fun taking pictures and earn some money from selling them.