Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Changing the Blogger Title Tag in Old Blogger

You can easily change the title tag in your blogger template, so you can get an easily SEO optimizing here. Also this small optimizing can give you a better ranking in search engines. For some of my other blogs this has given me a better ranging.

After the change the title in the browser will be this:

Blog title will be showed.

Item page - one post showing:
Post title - blog title.

Blog Archive:
Blog title: archive title Blog Archive.

For changing the code go to your template and find the following code:


This code is you have to place where the old code where.


<title><$BlogPageTitle$> Blog Archives</title>

<$BlogItemTitle$> : <$BlogTitle$>

When you have changed you code then save your template and you have just made a SEO optimizing of you blog.

It's a good idea to save a copy of yours template before you try to change it, so you have an original copy to go back to.

How to write a post on Blogger blog.

If you are new to blogger and have created a Blogger Account, I will now tell you how to post on the blog.

First go to and sign in. See the picture below.

Blogger signin
Click on "New blogger" to log in to the new Blogger or "Old Blogger" to log in to the old blogger. Then type in your username and password.

After that you will go to your blogger dashboard. You can see it on the picture below.

blogger dashboard
Now click on "New Post" to start to write. You can also see your post or edit them by clinking on "Posts" or edit the settings for the blog by clicking "Settings" or change the layout for the blog by clicking "Layout". But for now I will only tell how to post a post on a blogger blog.

After you have clicked "New Post" you are transferred to the post window where you can write, se the picture below.

Blogger post
First you have to write a title for the post or you can leave this blank, but I can recommend that you always use the title tag for at post because this can help you get a better place in search engines. But choose wisely a title that matches the post.

After you have written the title, then you can start writing the post and you can use all html tags to create your post or you can use the icons to create bold, underline text and so on. I will later on talk about witch tags are good to use and how you can use then.

Then you can add Labels to you post so you can categories your posts by topics, very good idea to use labels, but also here use good names for the labels, I will also cover this topic more later on.

Now you can post your post by clicking "Publish" or save a draft of the post, so you can finish it later on, by clicking "Save as Draft".

You are now ready to start posting on you blog.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New to blogging

If you are new to blogging and would like to get started I can recommend witch is easy to use and AdSense is integrated so you easily can add AdSense adds so you can start earning money for the start.

I you are going to start to blog for money a good idea is to find a niche you would like to blog about, because when you have blogged for a whine and got a lot of visitors its not funny to loose all off then because you don't have enough to write about. I'm going to write more about this topic at a later time, but for now just take a minute or two to think about a topic you can tell a lot about.

Go to to create you blogger account and blog.

To create your Adsense account go to Adsense and create the account. I will later talk more about this topic and how to place ads on you blog.

Blogging for gold

Blogging for gold is a new blog where I will tell about how to earn money for blogging and tips about optimizing yours earning from blogging.

I'm going to tell about AdSense, blogger, search engine optimizing and other related topics that can help you earn more for blogging.

With this blog I will try to help new users to start blogging and earn money and also users how have been blogging for a while and would like to earn more.

So stays tuned for a lot of usefull information and remember to add my RSS-feed to yours RSS-reader so you easily can stay updated.