Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Changing the Blogger Title Tag in Old Blogger

You can easily change the title tag in your blogger template, so you can get an easily SEO optimizing here. Also this small optimizing can give you a better ranking in search engines. For some of my other blogs this has given me a better ranging.

After the change the title in the browser will be this:

Blog title will be showed.

Item page - one post showing:
Post title - blog title.

Blog Archive:
Blog title: archive title Blog Archive.

For changing the code go to your template and find the following code:


This code is you have to place where the old code where.


<title><$BlogPageTitle$> Blog Archives</title>

<$BlogItemTitle$> : <$BlogTitle$>

When you have changed you code then save your template and you have just made a SEO optimizing of you blog.

It's a good idea to save a copy of yours template before you try to change it, so you have an original copy to go back to.

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