Friday, March 9, 2007

Use Social Bookmarks to get traffic for your blog

Social Bookmarks site are used by many around the word, so if you give you readers the opportunity to add Social Bookmark to you posts, then you can get a lot of traffic by doing that.

A lot of Social Bookmarks sites out there.

How do you choose which Social Bookmarks sites to add to you site? There is not one answer to that question because if you ask some bloggers then they will tell you about the Social Bookmarks sites they have had a success with. But maybe you won’t have the same success with them.

But a good place is to start using the big ones, because they have a lot of reader, but the disadvantage of using them is that you blog maybe don't get noticed there. But I will say if you have some good topic of you blog and write often then you have a good chance of getting noticed there.

Another advantage of using Social Bookmarks sites is that you may get some inbound links that can help improve you search engine ranking and thereby getting more readers from search engines.

Which Social Bookmarks sites to start with.

I will recomand the following Social Bookmarks sites to start with, but as I described before there are many more Social Bookmarks sites you can use.

Over the next period I will tell about how you add these links to Social Bookmarks sites in you post so they are automatically is created for both the old blogger and the new blogger. So stay tuned for more information about that.

If you know some better Social Bookmarks sites to use then fell free to add a comment and tell about them.

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