Monday, March 3, 2008

Add Blogger Sitemap to MSN and

By adding you sitemap or structure of your blog to a search engine you help the engine to index all your pages and contents of the site. When you have all your pages indexed you will easier get your content to more potential reader and improve your page rank. When you get more reader and a better page rank you can earn more money, so this is a easy method to earn more money.

If you have a external domain site, there is a lot of free sitemap generators which help you create a sitemap file. Then upload it to the root of your website and call it sitemap.xml. The URL for the sitemap will be something like But if you are using blogger you can't upload files to the root directory, you can use it rss feed.

Add Blog Sitemap to MSN
MSN doesn’t have a address where you can submit sitemaps to but you have to logon to Webmaster Portal where you can create sitemaps, submission and ping tools.

Submit Blog Sitemap to

Adding your sitemap to Ask is easy too. Just copy and paste this line into your internet browser, replacing the portion in red with the name of your Blog. And remember to change "YOURBLOG" with you blogs name.

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